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    Mission Nature Outdoor Eco Lotion

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    Lemon eucalyptus body lotion is perfect for outdoor activities. Always do a little skin test by applying a small amount of lotion on the skin and observe for 24 to 48 hours.
  • Aimed at enhancing the action of Outdoor eco lotion, this 2 in 1 lemon eucalyptus cleansing gel and shampoo will be the ideal companion for a stay in nature. It is, of course, biodegradable.
  • Mission nature 100% Natural Sunscreen

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    Mission Nature sunscreen is a physical protection (or organic) that sits on the surface of the skin and reflects the sun's rays as opposed to chemical sunscreen that is absorbed into the skin. Some people have therefore mistakenly assumed that they had reacted to the sun's rays, but it was a reaction to their chemical sunscreen. Moreover, a lot of these sunscreens are very environmentally damaging.
  • Mission Nature bubble gum toothpaste

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    • 27 % Xylitol without any GMO (more than 25% is recommended)
    • Bubble gum organic flavour irresistible for 0-12 years old!
    • Safe to swallow
    • Can be used once the first tooth begins to grow.
    • No synthetic foaming agent
    • 100 % natural