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Mission Nature Shampoo 270ml



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WE DO NOT USE : Sulfate (Sodium Laureth Sulfate), Cocamide (DEA, MEA), Propylene Glycol, Parabens, Artificial perfumes or fragrances, PEG, EDTA, DMDM Hydantoin, Phenoxyethanol, Artificial Colours, Silicone, Petrolatum…

Our kids shampoo formula

Our Mission Nature Shampoo is made from an ultra-gentle plant base with organic ingredients certified by independent and recognized organizations. These certified ingredients assure superior quality products, respectful of natural and organic standards. Our children’s shampoo is made with quinoa protein*, aloe vera*, calendula*, and chamomile*. *Organic ingredients certified by Quebec Vrai.

Quinoa protein: Cultivated for more than 5000 years, Quinoa was a favourite of the Incas. Rich in antioxydants, gluten-free, rich in essential amino acids, this protein fortifies and protects hair.

Aloe Vera: Aloe vera has some very helpul properties for the skin: cellular regeneration, moisturising of the skin, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic. This plant contains a high concentration of vitamins A, E and from the B group, the vitamins that help the skin and hair. It also contains emollients that help to soften the skin on your child’s head.

Calendula: Calendula has a softening, soothing effect on the skin of your child’s head. In addition to anti-inflammatory properties, it contains antioxidants.

Chamomile: Chamomile is an excellent tonic for fair hair.  It will help to remove tangles, strengthen the hair and prevent breakage and split ends.


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