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Douce Mousse Moisturizing lotion


Product Description

Why a moisturizing lotion?

By using gentle cleaning products, you help to not accentuate the drying out of your baby’s skin. Douce Mousse’s cleansing gel is a logical starting point. A moisturizing lotion of high quality will help complete your baby’s skin care, because a baby’s delicate skin produces very little sebum. In addition, heat, friction of clothes on the skin and external pollutants contribute to drying a baby’s skin, which often is evident by a small rash. Applying a very small amount of Douce Mousse moisturizing lotion as needed after cleansing the skin will help the skin regain it’s softness. Make the most of the experience by giving a gentle massage; it’s an excellent way of communication which, as well as being beneficial for the skin, brings relaxation and comfort to your baby and reinforces the parent-child bonds.

Douce Mousse moisturizing lotion is composed of organic Shea butter, organic olive oil, organic calendula oil and organic sunflower oil, which are all great for a massage.

Shea Butter: Shea Butter contributes to the regulation of moisture in the skin and helps the skin become more elastic.

Olive Oil: One of the components of olive oil is nearly equivalent to human sebum, which allows the epidermis to keep moisturized and to protect itself against external attacks. Thanks to its level of polyphenols (strong antioxidants) and vitamins, olive oil has emollient and anti-inflammatory properties which deeply nourish and tone the skin. This oil is very effective against the drying out of the skin.

Calendula Oil: Calendula Oil is perfect for treating skin problems such as rashes, and dry and irritated skin. It’s antiseptic, healing, and anti-imflammatory and helps the skin to build up again.


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    Cette lotion hydradante pénètre rapidement et laisse la peau d’une douceur incroyable! Malgré le rude hiver que nous avons traversé, la peau de mon bébé est restée douce et souple. Le pédiâtre en fut même surprise puisque majoritairement, elle disait que les bébés avaient la peau très sèche. Je l’utilise même pour mon propre visage et elle me laisse la peau très souple et douce.

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