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About us


Our Mission

Offering high-quality personal care products at an affordable and fair price while reaching the highest standards in natural and organic formulation.



Our Commitment

We only offer products that we love and use and that have received our approval as well as that of our families and our test group members.

We use our own name for our company without hesitation. La Coursière Bio Organic inc. offers only high-quality products. The choice of our ingredients and our methods of formulation assure you eco-friendly personal care products that are respectful of you and the environment.

Whether it’s our line of baby products “Douce Mousse,” our kids products “Mission Nature” or our products for adults, you will find all the ingredients in the INCI code, the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients, on our labels. This code must be on every cosmetic label as the only way to present the ingredients that make up the product. You will be able to verify all the ingredients and see clearly that La Coursière Bio Organic uses only ingredients that are safe for you and the members of your family, including your children.

Offering you products that reach the highest standards of quality is our pride and our commitment!


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